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we're back with more of "today" on a friday morning. it's the 12th of october, 2012. and turning into a beautiful day here in the northeast. we're hoping it's nice where you're waking up as well, and as always we thank these people for stopping by rockefeller plaza on a great fall day. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and al roker. one of the favorite things for people to do on a weekend like the one coming up is head out and do a little outlet shopping. >> yeah. >> most people think when they go to the outlet mall they will get great bargains, but today we'll talk about five things you need to know before you head to an outlet store this weekend.
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>> a lot of things folks like to do on the weekend. love to do a little real estate shopping, open house to check things out. barbara corcoran is here. rates are still at record lows, and believe it or not, fall one of the best times to sell your home. barbara will take us on an open house of coast to coast. >>he last one was pretty, a nice house. >> and the internet is a powerful tool, and you need to know where to look and if you want to create a film or start a charity, we'll get good advice from our friend soleil moon frye who is here with this morning with some sites and apps you may not know about, and she will join our "take 3" in a couple of moments. >> good. the bakery is pumping out something. i don't know what it is, but it smell really good. >> you're a little more sensitive to it. >> natalie has got a check of -- >> is that a nose check? >> yes it is. >> usually it's a hair joke. >> natalie, i'll save you there. matt, savannah and al. joe biden and paul ryan's one and only debate did not
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disappoint as the two got into a sparring match over foreign policy and policy issues. ryan said he was trying it make up for lost ground in reference to president obama's lackluster performance against romney. ryan called the administration's reresponse on libya weak but biden fired back calling his response malarkey. leon panetta said the u.s. could face a cyber pearl harbor. recent seib cyber attacks has b iranians for some incursions, tapping into critical u.s. infrastructure and painting a grim picture in which hackers could derail passenger trains and contaminate the water supplies of major cities.
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investigators searching for a missing 10-year-old girl in colorado are appealing to the public for help in finding her apparent abductor. meantime today, police expect to positively identify a body found near the spot where jessica ridgeway disappeared exactly one week ago. officials say the condition of the body has delayed identification and gave no indication of its age or gender. colorado movie theater shooting suspect james holmes was back in court on thursday. his attorney asked the judge to delay next month's hearing on whether holmes should stand trial until january. the defense wants more time to go through nearly 20,000 pages of evidence. holmes is charged with killing 12 people and wounding 58 others. a winnier for this year's nobel peace prize this morning. in a unanimous designificant the committee awarded this year's prize to the european union for its landmark role in history uniting the continent. the award downplays the current eurozone crisis straining its 17
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nations. the cash-strapped u.s. postal service is raising the price of a first-class stamp by one penny to 46 cents. that and other rate hikes take effect jane 27th. the postal service will introduce a new global forever stamp that lets you mill a letter anywhere in the world for $1.10. starting out a stressful day. forget the yoga. eat the yogurt. according to researchers in ireland, rice who each a diet rich in pro-bitic bacteria found in yogurt found fewer signs of depression and anxiety and had less of a stress hormone. one drawback. doctors aren't sure which probiotics will work on humans and a baby walrus is the newest resident this morning. flown from alaska at 240 pounds. this is one of two orphaned walrus calves rescued off the water off alaska, and the young one has his love life planned out for him.
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zookeepers are hoping he will take a shine to a 17-year-old female walrus already living at the new york aquarium. and just what happened to this norwegian base jumper. he planned to swing around a metal bar and soar off a 4,000-foot cliff but the bar sudden i collapsed and sending him over the side before he was ready. amazingly the father of five narrowly missed slamming into the rock face and his parachute brought him to the ground. not the launch he intended or planned for. that's for sure. now over to al for your weather. >> never buy gym equipment from acme. >> that's the lesson there. >> let's see as far as what we've got for your weather for the weekend, starting off for tore. strong storms from central texas all the way up to wisconsin, including chicago, des moines, springfield, oklahoma city. threat of tornadoes, super cells, damaging winds, heavy rain and hail.
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us a take a look over the next 24 hours you can see that activity firing up all the way from texas into the upper great lakes. rainfall amounts. we're talking anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain especially up into lower time now for today's "take 3" where the three of us give our take on three stories catching our attention and yours and offering her point of views,
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one of our faves, social media maven soleil moon frye. good morning. >> good morning. >> we're going to talk to you about the internet a little bit later, too. first this article in the "new york times," it's very interesting, tv's new inial, we're reaching a new time where normal female body types are becoming more acceptable on tv. >> yay. >>y will in a dunham we know from "girls" and mindy caly, the days of having to be rail thin are over. do we agree? >> i still think it's very clear that there is a type in hollywood that's always going to be, and that's going to be too thin on tv, but it is refreshing to see that -- these women are taking over on the red carpet, and they are not spanxing it in. they are letting all hang out. >> guys, do they actually lake a woman with some meat on her bones? >> curves, baby got back. >> a little junk in the trunk.
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>> exactly. and i think it started off with those dove commercials, you know. >> the real body. >> and i think it touched a nerve, and, i mean, melissa mccartney, please. can't get anybody -- >> one of the best talents out there now and hotter than ever. >> everybody wants her. >> and speaking as a voluptuous woman, i think it's really important, especially having two little girls that they have role mod tolls look up to that were not this rail thin, you know. i think it's important. i always say i've got to eat the beats yeah, you know, so that my kids feel comfortable about their own self-image. >> such a double standard, watch on tv, especially comics, and i love kevin james, but on "everybody loves raymond," "kick of queens," mayor toitd hot woman. the guys can be kind of sclubby
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with the hot wife. >> and salma hayek playing the hot nurse and takes an interest to him. >> when you look at mindy's body, they are real girls. i mean, we have similar body types. i would hope that we are, you know, the norm and that's not looked at as crazy. >> here's our take two. get ready. >> worst sounds in the world. >> get ready. >> including what al does savannah. that one hurts. >> the call of the plaza. >> savannah. >> oh, yeah. >> he does that everywhere. >> i completely like it, of course. >> newcastle university said the five worst sound offenders to the human ears, sounds within the frequency range of 2,000 to 5,000 hertz. same range of human screams, okay. so listen to the sounds. >> i'm sorry, people at home. here we go. nails on a blackboard.
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>> ruler on a bottle. >> chalk on a blackboard. >> that's right, and nails on a knife on a chalk on a fork on a glass, okay? >> that's pretty bad. >> what's your favorite worst sound? >> i will say, if i'm trying to sleep, can i not tolerate any sound, breathing, air conditioner going on. >> breathing. >> snoring. >> like any sound. a ticking clock. i have taken a ticking clock and put it outside the door. >> i was calling at 3:00 in the morning, what is the trash noise outside? >> breathing. >> breathing. >> that's why you're still single. >> natalie. >> wow, natalie. >> whoa! >> but the good thing is, not picking on any of her insecurities. >> you know what i do? i roll my husband on to the other side. i just go like this, over. >> i do the nudge. stop snoring. >> natalie, your worst sound
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other than hurting somebody. >> oh, she's knows it's all in fun. i think chewing in general, smacking, you know, what people are -- yeah. that sound. it's that. >> chewing gum. >> a big one. even food in general. my kids are doing it. it's like oh, not good. >> soleil. >> i thought i'd be the parent that had kids that never argued, perfect parents and my girls can go at it. they are best friends and they love each other, but when they get into those matches, i mean, i'm like no. i pull over the car and said mommy is going to step outside the car for a minute and let you guys work it out. >> and then they drive off. >> no, i mean, the car is not running. >> i see. >> but the best sound. >> mommy needs a time-out. >> the basketball creek. i've got to go.
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>> the next one, take three, which we love. the excuses, excuses, excuses people are making to not show up to work. career builder put a survey out and 30% of employees are fake when they are calling in sick, not really sick. >> shock, shock and outrage. >> apparently hr managers were asked what are some of the most surprising excuses, and i think there's some pretty genius ones. most common reason people are skipping the works. >> the outlandish. >> employee upset after watching "the hunger games." >> does that work? >> apparently didn't show up to work and employee's hair turned orange after dying her hair at home. not going to work that day and and employee easy to was stuck in a fawcett. sorry, can't make it. >> wasn't that a lucy show? >> and employee, a bird bit her. >> employee got hired for the job. that's a good one. >> that's a way to start. >> and, of course, around here we come to work sick.
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nat had a cold last week and now i'm bringing illness. >> people tell me i stress them out too much and i feel guilty. they guilt me. >> and we also had a bonus take, the pringles. seasonal pringles. >> the pringles are bringing out pumpkin pringles for you, al. chocolate peppermint pringles. >> cinnamon sugar. >> it smells like pumpkin. >> i like the pumpkin. >> thank goodness they are seasonal. >> they are coming in november. >> nothing beats a dorito as far as i'm concerned. >> nacho cheese. >> i love these. >> coming up next, we'll have five inside secrets to getting a good deal at the outlet mall right after this. [ cellphone rings ] [ female announcer ] with secret outlast, conquer your busy day. ♪ burn let's do it. come on jenni. ♪ thank you. [ cellphone rings ] workin on it. >> i love these. ♪
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vo: for cold and flu season, honey, don't use your sleeve. there's clorox bleach. go out tonight - be social! then stay in tomorrow. make a date with your flat screen. olive garden's new dinner today, dinner tomorrow. two dinners for two nights, just $12.95. choose one of five entrees tonight, like new mezzaluna ravioli. served with unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks. then choose a second entrée to take home for tomorrow all for just $12.95. this has "movie night" written all over it. new dinner today, dinner tomorrow go before it's gone! go olive garden. this morning on "today's consumer," secrets of outlet shopping, a $25 billion industry but how do you make sure you're
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getting a good deal? the host of "financially fit" joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's get right to your shopping secrets. now most of you think you go to the outlets and you're getting goods at a huge discount but really some of those retailers are making products, specifically for the outlets. >> that's exactly right. >> traditionly, i think when we think outlet, 15, 20 years ago, it really was stuff that was from the retailer's store that was shipped to the outlet. were you getting maybe a seasons pass clothing. now manufacturers are making things specifically for the outlets. my team at yahoo! fans, hit the outlets stores, talked to "consumer reports" and reflected on our own experiences to come up the secrets to outlet shopping, and when they are made by manufacturers specifically for the outlets, how can you tell like what you're really getting, in the across the board but some stores like gap, j. crew, ralph loren, brooks brothers, make their stuff specifically for the outlet and it's of a different quality. not the worse quality but
9:18 am
different quality. maybe the buttons on the shirt are made with plastic instead of leather. the stitching may not be very substantial. might be bulkier as opposed to slim-fitted. >> so be sure to check the quality. >> try it on. check the quality. >> okay. next you say beware of misleading price tags, and you're talking about the price differences that we see at outlets here. >> exactly. the price tags sometimes they will obviously have the price, but also they might have a suggested retail price, and this can be misleading, especially if this is an item that was made specifically for the outlet. you may think looking at this suggested retail price, this is actually an item from the retail store, so the advice here is, you know, kind of ignore that suggested retail price. just try on the outfit. make sure it fits well and make sure that you like the quality and just judge it based on that because the suggested retail price is not a true thing of reference. >> some of the best deals are often from the high-end brands. >> yeah. >> so, for example, if you see something designer, really want and you covet it and can't
9:19 am
afford, do you go to the outlet to see if it's there? >> have some patience because a season or two it will show up at the outlet stores, samples from prada, gucci and high-end stores like la creucet, some may even carry it in season at a fraction of the price. >> gotten a couple of good handbags that way what. items do you stick with for regular retail stores for? >> right. anything that ultimately you want to keep for a long time, that you're dependant on for its comfort like a good pair of sneakers that you want to train with for a marathon, i mean, don't just shop at the outlet stores. again, the quality, they may not be what you need not only for durability but sort of for your safety and for your feet. >> right. >> and we've done the research. i think a good pair of sneakers starts at around 80 bucks and goes up and anything less than that you're getting some trade-off. >> you also say beware of some of the store policies which may be different as well.
9:20 am
for example, return policies and everything. >> it could be a make or break situation, for example, at pottery barn, great items from the actual store of the outlet, but have you to supply your own shipping, and that could be an extra cost. sometimes the return policies aren't as flexible either whereas the actual retail gives you a 35 or 45-day return policy, outlet may be 15 days. the gift card you get from the store may not be, of course, you're at the outlet. so just some things to keep in mind that may add to the expense at the outlet store. >> pays to be a good shopper. >> yes. >> thanks as always. coming up next, whether you're writing a journal or looking for a job, soleil moon frye has your online lowdown, but, first, these messages. [ male announcer ] inside the v8 taste lab.
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snickers® is halloween satisfaction. we want to remind you of our quest for the best halloween contest going on right now. >> on a nationwide search for the most creative and original halloween getups. submissions are rolling in. seen some that are sweet, silly and downright spooky. >> i guess that one is all three. >> yeah. >> there you go. >> that's -- that's silly. >> and that's spooky. >> if you want to see more, go to submit a photo wearing a crafty creation. the costume must be your own handiwork. the top three will win a trip to new york city to compete live in the studio for our biggest quest for the best prize yet. the chance to take part in our "today" halloween celebration on the plaza. >> so it's all good. coming up, latin flavors in the kitchen with an authentic and
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. very similar to yesterday. high temperatures in the mid- 60's. chilly tonight, as we drop down into the 30's. maybe some frost to watch out for tomorrow morning. it will be chilly for the baltimore running festival. tempera
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et? i'm on the hunt, i'm after you ♪ ♪ juices like wine ♪ and i'm hungry like the wolf >> natalie and i are swooning. >> oh, my goodness. >> that is the 1983 hit from iconic '80s band duran duran. my teenage dreams are about to come true. next week on "today" the bassist john taylor, the cutest one in my opinion, is coming here, and he's going to talk about the band's new york rise, the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. has a new memoir. i wish it was next week already. >> you're breathless. >> i feel very strongly about this. next week tyler perry is going
9:31 am
to stop by, and he's not wearing a dress in his new movie playing alex cross. got a lot to look forward to. >> looks amazing. >> on the cover of "men's health," love 30 pounds. >> and speaking of covers. >> talk about hottie totti. >> oh. >> let's get a close-up. >> natalie is on the cover of "women's running" magazine looking fantastic. >> oh, thank you. >> that's the real look you have when you run. >> that's not a fake run at all. >> no. >> take a picture. >> and you've got great tips in here for runners. >> good tips, getting, of course, keeping a schedule and making it a priority in your life. >> so speaking of priorities, coming up in this half hour, from phoenix, arizona, all the way to new york, there's gorgeous homes to sale, from coast to coast. barbara corcoran is going to take us on a tour. >> plus, we're going to be doing a little latin cooking with kristi vega, making her family recipe for meatball soup with
9:32 am
special ingredients. >> big week for meatballs around here. >> we love it. can't get enough meatballs and soleil moon frye is back with us to talk about all the important apps and websites that are becoming more and more popular and we should be on them right now. >> lester holt has been sitting here like patiently waiting. >> tick tock. >> i have to get up early tomorrow morning. >> you got up early this morning. >> i know. >> speaking of, tell us what's going on? >> we'll have more. by the end of the day we'll have a lot more reaction and some semblance of what happened with the vice presidential debate in terms of reaction. closer to election day, how did their performances help the respective candidates? we'll talk about that, and we know joy but aer is today's knew itsist and also a mom. what food does she serve at home? i'm thinking carrot sticks. we go inside her kitchen for healthy ideas and one of tv's favorite funny ladies. i sat down with her along with cast mates vicki lawrence and tim conway and reminisce about favorite sketches from "the
9:33 am
carol burnett show." all that and more on "weekend today." >> hard to pick a favorite. >> unlike duran duran. we all know who the cute one was. >> all cute in their own way. >> wonder why groups break up. stuff like this. >> savannah plaster it had all over her wall. not an inch of blank space on my wall in seventh grade. >> i'm still thinking of tim conway and harvey korman and the dentist and the novocaine. all have our things. >> lester, look forward to seeing you this weekend. >> allright. let's take a look at your weather and show you what's going on. we're looking at saturday's risk of strong storms from texas all the way up into the upper midwest. wet weather in the northwest and kind of cold in the northeast and northern new england, and then on sunday, sunday, more strong storms in the mid mississippi river valley, wet in new england, and the gulf coast is looking with hit or miss
9:34 am
thunderstorms, and we'll continue to see the wet weather in the pacific northwest. that's what's going o >> that's your latest weather, and, of course, you're ready for sunday even though it's friday because it's time for sunday night "football night in america." and the packers invade reliant stadium. it's got a retractable dome so you don't care about the weather inside, but if you're tailgating, chance of thunderstorms and 75-79 as they
9:35 am
take on the texans on sunday night "football night in america." >> that's a unique ending. >> i liked it. i liked it. >> going to do tim conway's miss wiggins. >> all right, al, thanks. lester, too. coming up next, from palm springs to phoenix in "today's real estate," right after this. wow... [ female announcer ] sometimes, all you need is the smooth, creamy taste of werther's original caramel to remind you that you're someone very special. ♪ now discover new caramel apple filled werther's original.
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this morning in "today's real estate," homes for under $500,000. the fall and winter months have become the best times for home sales in recent years so if you're selling a home today real
9:39 am
estate expert barbara corcoran will show you how far your money can go. good to see you. >> pleasure to be here. >> phoenix, arizona, lovely house here, on the market for 459,000. >> the people in phoenix are always smiling because this city is one of the sunniest in the country that actually has 85% of the days are actually sunny. >> wow. >> not bad this time of year. this house is a blend of mid-century modern and industrial design and has a perfect diving pool to take advantage of all that sunshine. i have a peek at it. what's wrong with that? nothing. >> the first time i want to see you start with the pool. >> i'm in the move for swimming already. concrete epoxy floors throughout which means it's indestructible and you'll kill the glass and the kitchen has sweet cabinets and counters. neat as a pin. the family room has panel behind the fireplace with the tv above it. i don't get it, but what the heck. the living room is pretty dramatic with the arched brick
9:40 am
doorway. very modern and the duct work that runs throughout the bedroom and runs throughout most of the house looks fine there and look through the double doors, your own terrace that goes to the backyard. nice house. >> ohio, ohio, new york. you call this one a private retreat on the market for 475,000. >> absolutely. the kind of house if you don't ever want to see a neighbor this is the house you buy. look what it comes with, a private adirondak retreat and just a couple of hours north west of albany so that's a real hike up there but a real escape. this home only has two bedrooms, but it comes with an unbelievable 184 acres of wooded land with virtually no taxes. it has its own lake, it own pond, its own stream. hey, come see my lake. that's pretty cool, right? the living room takes in the outdoors with all those windows on every wall, cathedral city and blond wood floors and woodwork, makes you feel like you're camping out. kitchen with wood beam ceilings and kitchen doors and cabinets and a cozy bedroom a little bit on the dark side for me, but it
9:41 am
has an arched window tucked into the peak of the cathedral ceiling and bet you could have sweet dreams in that room. i like it all. >> you're a little on the dark side so that's all right. >> i wouldn't talk about that. >> 485,000 for this one. >> four miles from downtown and this is called a for you square style home, actually new and perfectly made to pit into the monger place historical neighborhood. all the houses around very old. this is a traditional covered porch with columns and lattice work. you wouldn't know that's a brand new house. there's a huge living room with hand-scraped hardwood floors which means you leave the bumps in a little bit. people like that, crown molding and extravagant tile fireplace. the contemporary open kitchen is all white and it's accented with trim with black counters. the study has extra long windows and simple wood trim, and the master bedroom has a cathedral ceiling, a bank of sunny windows, and that's exactly what
9:42 am
$45,000 will buy you today in dallas, texas. >> updated farmhouse in the pacific northwest, portland, oregon, 480,000. >> looks nothing like any of the other houses, updated and built in 1901, as you said, and the living room has a big bay window, wood floors and marble fireplaces. a lot of artists and techies moving in making the prices go through the roof. various sunny family room flanking the open kitchen. love the red rug in this room. i don't think i have the courage to do that in my house but so welcoming here. kitchen blond wood cabinets and cook top cabinet and extra dining area. in addition to the dining room, a bit skinny but it's extra and just off the kitchen, has tray ceilings and gleaming wood floors. one pretty house. >> it sure is. barbara, thanks so much. have a great weekend. >> my pleasure, al. you, too. >> and coming up latin soup in "today's kitchen," right after these messages. him a pep talk about asking out the cutest girl in algebra.
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wardrobe. cute. then new activia breakfast blend. a great way to help start the day. mmm... creamy lowfat yogurt with grains in yummy breakfast flavors, like apple cinnamon. its hearty, with twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt and helps regulate your digestive system. our morning routines are important, aren't they? new activia breakfast blend. and we are celebrating la vida latina in honor of spanish heritage monday and today we're making meatballs and kristi vega is here. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> these are the spanish meatballs. >> they are, a spanish meatball, very traditional mexican cooking
9:47 am
and kind of like the soul food, the comfort food, you know, the mexican cuisine. definitely what you have when you're feeling ill or a cold day. want to this the meatball soup. >> instead of the chicken noodle soup. >> this is a family recipe. >> we've used it for 50 years at caka vega and my parents had a restaurant for 18 years before that. >> truly authentic then. >> let's get start with the soup base then. >> we have about six cups of water, and then to this we're going to add our flavoring agent. >> okay. we, have you know, three-quarter cups of tomato salsa. >> just from a jar. >> we use our classic house salsa. definitely go home and it adds a nice kind color to the soup. >> right. >> and then we'll add about a teaspoon and a half of chicken base, and chicken base is a little different than chicken bouillon because it's cream year, it's not quite as salty,
9:48 am
and i think it has a better flavor. >> okay. >> sold right in the grocery store next to the bouillon. >> okay. easy to find them. >> easiy to find. >> and then some of our spices, cumin, garlic powder and oregano. >> perfect. >> and we'll add those in there. >> all pretty easy for the most part. >> do you add more salt? >> yes. >> we're going to add about a tablespoon of salt. >> i love pepper. >> and half a tablespoon of white pepper. white pepper is a little less peppery than black pepper, stays in the background of dishes, won't overwhelm it. >> did not know that. >> move on over to making our meat balls, a minute left here. >> we just have regular ground beef, use lean. add an egg. >> and this is interesting. >> the rice. >> what does the rice do in. >> the rice kind of binds the meat ball and keeps it nice and moist. >> an onion. >> white onion, green onion, garlic. >> more garlic powder.
9:49 am
>> and black pepper this time. >> so we'll go ahead and mix it up. >> i think it's better to do it with our hands. >> get your hands dirty and get the towels to wipe them down. >> want to help me mix the meatball. >> and then you actually have the little scooper that you can then. we'll pretend it's really mixed well, and you'll put it right into the soup mix. >> yes. >> and just let it cook in there. >> so you just go ahead and drop it in there, a whole batch. >> slide the meatballs in. bring it to a boil and let it cook for five minutes. >> this is your soup. >> if you want to go ahead and crumple it inside the suit. >> i'm eating, so that's okay. >> great. >> i think it's nice to eat it with a green salad. makes a nice meal. kids love it. it's wonderful. >> thanks so much. next time my kids are sick, that's what they are having. >> thank you. >> and i contributed all some of
9:50 am
my own recipes to if you want to check them out. coming up next, cool apps and websites you may not have heard of, but first, this is
9:51 am
barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... righhere to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming...
9:52 am
in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. this morning's on "today's tech," websites and apps you don't know about but should. our tech expert soleil moon frye joins us. >> love being here. >> for those apps want to journal or blog, this helps you be really organized. >> absolutely. so much of photo sharing is with the world. this is really with our inner community, so path allows us the chance to connect with people you would have over for thanksgiving dinner. not everybody. >> not everybody. you can have only up to 150 people on there, so here are al and i, my buddy al and i and i'm sharing this with, you know, 25, 306 my friends so it's really
9:53 am
like a daily diary with your internal friends, very, very cool. >> now this next one i've actually used called crowd rise. >> i love crowd rise. this is so inspiring. when so much about, you know, social networking is ourselves, twitter and facebook, this is really about campaigning for charities and causes that we're passionate about. >> when i ran for the marathon, i used this. >> i used it. i had such a great time. it was amazing. i donated my birthday to it. give your gifts from a wedding, and it's fun. you can volunteer. it engages people. it's so fantastic, and there's kids using it. what a great way to encourage your kids to get involved with charity. do it with your hole family. recommend you going to it. >> what is skill share? >> skill share over here, i'm going to pull it up, is this super cool site where it's educational so sign up for classes you want. want to become an entrepreneur, a chef, sign up for classes
9:54 am
which is fantastic. also learn online. there's teachers connecting through the community, educating each other and people learning, so it's a fantastic community. >> that's pretty cool. on facebook, you feel like you are just wasting your time but this next one, branch out, actually utilizes your time pretty well. >> branchout connects through our friends on facebook and is like a resume that's visual. if you're a cupcake-maker, you can show pictures of your cupcake. it's fantastic and connects the job opportunities and shares with people we know. >> almost the like a pinterest. >> very much so. can share images, somebody that's worked for a plane company, all things they have done. it's very, very cool. >> kickstarter is really cool. >> love kickstarter. you want to start something you're passionate friend did this with their play. they can raise money around the causes that we want to do, that we're passionate about, a movie, documentary causes, all these things that you can launch on
9:55 am
kickstarter and raise money. >> max bilie would have loved this this. >> if you're a musician, raise money for your album, single, very cool. >> stereo mood, what kind of music are you in the mood for in. >> "the a-team" theme. >> last night i wanted inspiring music and put it on and you will came all these new artists. >> what's the last one? >> that was the last one. >> got through them all. >> got through them all, it's amazing. >> soleil moon frye you are amazing. >> and upside down. >> coming up next, kathie lee and hoda. promise no animals will be dropped after your local news and weather. have a great weekend. what makes the sleep number store different?
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